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If you are studying bass, you are in need of every possible bass guitar resources to back you up with knowledge and tips. Since the early stages of learning the bass is quite critical to the success that you will be reaching in the end, you should be able to create a solid musical foundation.

Of course, not everyone has the time to make an in-depth research on bass. You might even think of playing bass as just a hobby. Whatever your case is, getting a good resource hub is essential in learning. This section will give you some tips to enhance the quality of your knowledge foundation in bass playing.

The main reason you need resources to learn bass is the level of difficulty it poses for every beginner. Of course, everything will be difficult at the start, but bass somewhat more challenging. With the number of techniques that there is to know and the number of terms that you should understand, learning bass can be likened to learning a new language.

Though we had tried to cover most of the essentials in the different sections of our site, you could sometimes not find some specific information to your questions. Chances are you could find something here that answers your questions.

In the event that you still cannot find what you are look for, drop us an email with your questions. As much as time permits, we will do your best to answer queries promptly. If there is a huge demand for a particular question, we will write an article to address the problem and post it here so that everyone can learn from it.

Topics on General Tips And Bass Related Topics: is your one stop-solution to learning the bass guitar from bass legends in the trade.

#1 – Recommended Left Handed Bass Guitars
Being a leftie isn’t really fair in the world of bass playing. While right hander gets all the nice stuff, the left hander is often restricted to a smaller variety of musical selections. With that said, this article is dedicated for the lefties out there hunting for the perfect “axe”.

#2 – Importance of Music Theory for Bassists
Learning music theory is an essential step that all musicians need to undergo. While it seems to be tough especially for newer players at first, the rewards that you will reap in the long term will pay for itself.

#3 – Studying Rhythm And Making Theory Interesting
Studying rhythm and learning to play in time is one of the most important skills that a bass player needs to acquire. That doesn’t mean that it is going be boring. Read this article for more details.

#4 – Tips for Playing Bass Guitar in a Band Successfully
If you think that joining a band is a scary process, think again. You can simply group up a bunch of friends and you are basically ready to go. However, if you want to play band in a band and succeed in it, there are more factors that you need to consider.

#5 – Five Steps For Success in Getting Gigs And Plying Your Trade
Getting gigs and performing is all part and parcel of playing in a band. After all, isn’t that the ultimate aim? You want people to hear you and you want all the hard work that goes behind the scene to be appreciated.

#6 – How to Get Focused on Playing the Bass For Faster Improvements
One of the most common gripes that I hear from people is that they find it hard to stay motivated or focused on playing the bass. Read this article to find out how we can help you get over rough patches.

#7 – Playing Bass With Other Musicians And Taking Things to a Higher Level
Playing bass in a band or with other musicians takes it to a whole new level all together. Not only is this a more complex process (compared to playing alone), it also enhances your skill levels as you jam with other people.

#8 – The Value of Learning a Musical Instrument And Benefits it Provides
Having a hobby can enrich your life and help you grow as a person. The value of learning a musical instrument not only helps you attain fulfillment but takes the enjoyment of music onto a further level.

#9 – Bass Performance Tips That Will Get Into the Minds of Audiences
Playing live and performing on stage is an opportunity to get recognized. However, most bands don’t leave a long lasting impression with the audiences. Read up on these performance tips that you can apply to change all that.

#10 – Recommended Bass Guitar Effects Pedals That You Should Consider Getting
To get a wider array of sounds from your bass guitar, the use of guitar effects can open you to a new world of tones. Check out this article as we review some of the best guitar effects for bass players.

#11 – How to Break Bad Playing Habits That Had Been Formed Through the Course of Learning
The importance of breaking bad habits cannot be further overstated. If mistakes in playing aren’t corrected in time, they can lead to long term issues that become harder to change as time goes by.

#12 – Tips And Advice on Playing in Major Keys
In this article, we will be discussing how to play bass in the major keys. Basically, we want to cover this tutorial to give an insight to bassists in popular music genres since most modern music are built around it.

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