advantages of learning with dvdsYou may want to learn the bass guitar, and that’s great, but you may also come to realize that you just don’t have the time; between work, family, and social engagements, it is hard to find some extra time to go out to a music store and spend time with a teacher, going over basics and chords and other necessary fundamentals.

In this article, we will discuss the advantages if learning the bass guitar with DVD lessons.


This is a big issue for many people. If you have a job, and a family at home, or you have school and homework, studying for coursework, you are undoubtedly strapped for time. DVD bass guitar lessons take the time portion of learning and put it into your hands.

When you take lessons with an instructor, you are putting your schedule up against another person’s schedule. This means that you are twice as unlikely to find the right time in which to learn the bass guitar.

Why DVDs Can Work Better?

You can’t always be assured that your instructor will have an opening when you need one, and while they will do their best to accommodate you in as reasonable a manner as possible, you are not going to be the only student that they have. This means that there are many chances a specific time slot will be filled up when you need it. If you have a job with inconsistent hours, this makes scheduling lessons even more difficult.

learning the bass at homeUsing DVD lessons means that you can learn the bass guitar on your schedule, regardless of when you are available or where you are. If you are traveling, you can bring your bass guitar and the DVD lessons set with you to learn during your free time.

A great advantage of using DVDs to learn bass guitar is that you can rewind lessons as many times as you need, and you can go over things when you feel you need to take a look back. Most instructors teach you in a progressive way; start off at the beginning and work your way up, one step at a time.

This is a great way to learn, but it also tends to cause musicians to forget older techniques, or things they learned early on because they are constantly moving forward, not looking back to see what is in the rearview.

With a DVD lesson set, you have all the power you need to simply go back and review things, even if it is just to polish up a bit.

Saving Money And Learning at Your Own Pace

The final advantage to using DVD lessons is cash. This may not be a big advantage to some, but to most, saving money is a great thing. DVD bass lessons can cost up to a hundred and fifty dollars. However, this is a one-time payment. With personal lessons, you are paying about thirty to forty dollars a lesson, which in a month and a half evens out to the price of the DVD.

In the end, you know yourself best, and if the advantages of learning bass guitar with DVDs appeals to you, give it a go. Good luck!

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