FTC Disclosure

Since the clampdown in 2009, the US FTC (Federal Trade Commission) requires all webmasters/websites to disclose any relationships with partners and product owners so that web visitors have a better level of transparency.

Product Reviews

• When we are writing a product review, we are never paid for doing a review. Instead, we invest our personal time to review the product and test it. As you can see, we usually write positive things about stuff we like.

If we happen to find a poor product or that a course isn’t to our liking, we simply avoid doing a review. Why? Well, we believe that there are quite a number of awesome guitar products out there that there’s no need to waste our time on sub-standard products we don’t like.

• Advertisements helps us to cover the cost of making this website free. If you see a link or advertisement to a product in our webpages, do note that we might be paid a referral fee by the advertiser if you decide to purchase the product.

Although there are some people who totally dislike the idea of us making a few bucks if they buy through our links, what you could do is to head directly to the vendor’s page to make the purchase. In such scenarios, we will not receive any form of compensation even though the cost of the product is still the same.

• On our webpage, we also run a 3rd party ad network by Google Ads. We have no control our Google on the type and kind of ads they serve and cannot be held responsible the displayed ads.

Alright, we feel much better now that you know everything about us. We look forward to your continued support and visits to BassGuitarPlayerWorld.com

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