get focused on bass learningPlaying a music instrument is unquestionably a very popular hobby. One of the most popular hobbies – Unlike back in the sixties, I believe that bass is not the number one choice for young people when it comes to choosing a musical instrument nowadays.

My gut says that almost everyone has a certain degree of talent for music – now, if everyone who has ever picked up a bass guitar and had been persistent with their practice routines, bass playing would not be as cool as it is, because everyone would be able to play.

So where lays the difference? You only have to follow one advice (and then some): if you are willing to get better with your bass playing skills, then make an effort to get better. Yes, it is that simple – actually, too simple to be written down. Yet it needs to be written down because despite its simplicity, too many people fail to realize that this is the way to advance.

Not in the Mood? What Are Your Other Options?

Whenever you are sitting on a bench with a blue face sobbing that you are such a beginner and that you are never going to get better think of what could actually make you better. Look at your hands? Do you see any bass guitar there? Are they moving? If the answer is “no” to any of the previous questions, you really do not have a reason to be sad or nervous: sit down and start practicing.

Imagine yourself playing the bass at a really huge gig. What would you like to tell the interviewer? That you became so great because you have been weeping for years or because you worked until you sweat blood and practiced every little detail?

Yes, the latter is the kind of stuff super heroes talk about. You can do that, too. If you can find anything better to do than playing bass – then do it. However, not being in the “mood” or doing something useless are not valid reasons that should ever stop you from working.

Remember – You Are Responsible!

responsible music playerMake commitments. When you decided that you want to learn bass, you probably made a promise to yourself. Or you had a dream. What did you want to realize through your bass playing? Wanted to have a great time covering your favorite songs? Wanted to play in Madison Square Garden? The details of your dream does not matter, its existence does.

As long as you have a goal in front of you, you are responsible for yourself to accomplish that goal. Also, if you are in a band, you are responsible for the other members – if they work hard, you also have to work hard in order for the band to advance.

Hacking Your to-do List Will Take You a Long Way

There are times when your daily to-do list just does not seem to be flexible enough so that you could insert an hour-long drum practice session. What I usually do is find a spot in my daily routine where I will probably need a break from my other tasks and insert an entry entitled “10 minutes of bass playing”, or something similar.

That way, it will be easy for me to foul myself to believe that I will only spend ten minutes practicing the bass. Because no matter what you should be doing, some fun will just make you better at it. If you spend an accidental half an hour with your bass guitar – no one will punish you. You will just be having a great deal of fun and skill development at the same time.

See Huge Improvements In Your Playing Immediately

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