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Starting a new instrument is a form of investment. In order to get yourself off the ground the right way, just like any other investment, there are a few things that you are going to need to complete the whole “package.”

The bass guitar is no different in this respect than a car or a house. A car needs gas and oil, and a house needs furniture, heat, electricity, and many other things. In life, nothing is a one time and your done deal.

In this article, we’ll talk about the different types of bass guitar accessories and gear and whether or not they are necessities.

So Many to Choose From, Where to Start?

First up are the basics; straps, picks, tuners, and cables. Straps and picks are both optional, but a strap can be a necessity if you want to play live, whereas a pick isn’t necessary at all if you want to play slap bass or finger style bass.

Tuners are a necessity if you like playing. Even if you do not want to change tuning or experiment with sharps, flats, or dropped tunings, a tuner is the only way that you will be able to (a) play along to a song and have it sound proper, (b) play in a band and be able to use harmonies or simply play with other people, and (c) help to train your ear without doing all of the work an ear training course will require from you.

A cable will only be necessary if you want to play the electric bass, and even then only if you choose to play live.

Useful Gear But Not Necessary Mandatory

gadgets and toolsNext up is the second tier of bass guitar accessories and gear; the just about necessary, but not quite necessary tier. This includes amplifiers, strap locks, and locking tuners.

Amps are only necessary if you are gigging or plan on jamming with friends. Otherwise, there isn’t much actual need to broadcast what you are playing.

Strap locks are a great tool to keep your bass guitar from having any nasty spills if your strap breaks (which is rare, but does actually happen). Also, if you plan on spinning your guitar around like a showman, then you better grab a pair of strap locks to prevent heartbreak.

Locking tuners, while their name sounds great, don’t do much besides keep your strings from slipping. This doesn’t necessarily mean that they will help you to stay in tune any better (they simply clamp the strings), but they can possibly help.

Accessories That Will Help Enhance Your Sound

Our last tier is the unnecessary tier; pedals, effects, and anything flashy that doesn’t help your guitar work beyond a showmanship level.

Wah pedals, distortion pedals, chorus pedals, lights, stickers—these are all extras. While you may think you can’t solo without your wah, you may find that a little bit of practice will do you a whole lot better than immediately grabbing for your wah pedal.

In the end, you know what you need and you know what you want. The difference is whether or not you are able to draw the line between them. Good luck!

Articles on Bass Guitar Accessories And Equipment:

Besides accessories, the next best thing to help you fast track your progress is to have access to a great instructional resource. Check out for a huge range of high quality video lessons today!

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