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Rock and roll is one of the most popular modern music styles. Not only is it fun, exciting, loud, and proud, but it is a mixture of various genres all in one. In order to learn rock and roll, you need to learn a little bit of everything.

This is an introduction to rock and roll bass guitar playing.

Get Disciplined And Follow the “Click”

The first thing you will need to do if you are serious about playing rock and roll is develop rhythmic timing. You will need a metronome. Every practice should be about twenty to thirty minutes play a simple pattern.

Each click of the metronome represents a quarter note in value. This means that for every click, you will play one quarter note, two eighth notes, or four sixteenth notes depending on the speed of your pattern.

If you find that your note values tend to run through the clicks, unless you are playing a half note or whole note (and in that case, for the half note your note should last two clicks, and for the whole note is should last four) you need to slow it down. All of your note lengths should be even.

No matter how many you play, an eighth note should still equal a half of a click in length. There is no exception to this; if you are having trouble, you are playing too fast for your current skill level. Slow things down initially when you learn how to play rock bass as it develops a stronger fundamental.

Work On Improving Your Finger Work

Once you have developed a steady sense of rhythm and you are able to keep proper tempo, you will need to work on dexterity. Rock and roll music is infamous for its fast paced rhythms, and in order to keep up, you will need each and every finger to be completely independent.

Start off by fretting the first fret on your E string with your index finger. Perform eighth note hammer ons and pull offs onto and off of the second fret using your middle finger. After five measures, fret the second fret with your middle finger.

Perform the same hammer ons and pull offs, this time on the third fret using your ring finger. After five measures, fret the third fret with your ring finger and perform the same hammer ons and pull offs on the fourth fret using your pinky finger.

Your Brain And Body Needs Time to Adapt to New Challenges

At first you may notice that this exercise is extremely difficult. Your unused fingers might be reaching for the fret almost subconsciously. Don’t allow them to do the work for the designated fingers. Pause if needed to readjust your fingers. The trouble is caused by finger dependence. Your fingers are depending on the motions of others to determine their own next move. This is a hard habit to break, but the sooner you do it, the more your playing will improve.

When you aren’t working on note lengths or finger independence, listen to rock music. Study the types of rhythms and progressions being used. Try to come up with your own ideas based on different riffs. Immerse yourself in the world of rock and roll; it is the only way you will come to understand it.

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List of Lessons on Rock Bass Guitar Playing:

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#1 – How to Keep Time in a Song And Make Your Music Sound Tight
Learning how to keep time is crucial for every single musician. If you are playing in a band, this becomes all the more important as it will determine how tight the band sounds. Trust me, the audiences can tell even if they have no formal musical training.

#2 – Open String Chord Extensions to Help You Expand Your Ideas And Creativity
When it comes to playing proper chord extensions, the key to success really lies in your knowledge and understanding of musical intervals. This will train your eye to pick up what sounds nice or bad gradually.

#3 – Rock Bass Lines You Need to Know at the Back of Your Head
In this tutorial, we will cover some of the best sounding bass lines that will help you learn the fundamentals of the rock genre. If you had always loved rock and roll, you will enjoy this lesson.

#4 – Secrets of Using Arpeggio Licks in Bass Runs
Breaking up chords into their individual notes will help you open up a new world of bass playing. Not only will this help you create a wider range of sounds, it will also help you create new pathways in your improvisation.

#5 – Open String Hammer Ons to Add Layering for Your Style
By continuously learning new techniques and skills, it keeps learning fun and non-monotonous for you. Today’s lesson takes a look at using your fretting hand to hammer on notes to create a smooth fluid sound.

#6 – Double Stops Tutorial That Shows You How to Play 2 Notes Simultaneously
Most of you guys here would probably have no idea what a double stop is and what exactly can it be used for. Technically speaking, a double stop is basically 2 notes being played simultaneously and muted.

#7 – How to Write Songs And Your Original Compositions
If you had ever played in a band or performed on stage, it is imperative to start learning how to write songs. While cover songs are great to help you get started on your musical journey, it is the original songs that get you noticed.

#8 – How to Write Catchy And Suitable Song Lyrics
Writing lyrics for a song creates something special that the listeners can attach to when they listen to a song. Be it a love song or a rock song, lyrics should be the personal voice of the writer reaching out to the audience.

#9 – Techniques Frequently Used in Rock Musicians
This tutorial covers some of the commonly used techniques that are used in the genre. If you have a huge interest in this style of music, this lesson is one you need to read.

#10 – Shredding Exercises For the Fast And Furious Bassists
So what is shredding? In simple words, shredding refers to playing really fast. Needless to say, this technique is usually confined to fast and furious songs that are commonly found in heavy metal or rock.

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