Ideas on How to Write Song Lyrics And Get Better At It

writing the lyrics of a songExpression is limitless. No one can tell you what’s right, and what’s wrong when you are expressing yourself. This is what makes self-expression such an amazing thing; it can be so different for so many people, and yet it does the same for all of them—gives them a release.

Adding lyrics to your music can offer a release that the sound of the music cannot, alone, create.

In this article, we are going to talk the basics of how to write song lyrics.

There Are No Absolute Rules

First off, before we begin, no that there is absolutely no wrong way to write lyrics. Lyrics are something special, and they should be personal to the voice that writes them; this is what helps them to connect with others.

You would be surprised by the amounts of people who go through the same things you do, day after day. Lyrics are the part of the song that can bring you closer to the listener. The only wrong thing you could ever do in writing them is to not be true to yourself. Keep this in mind throughout the article.

What is your favorite season? What is something that you like? What is something that bothers you?

These are only a few of the things that lyrics can be about. Lyrics are universal in their appeal, as they offer a means to transfer the voice into more; a story. Lyrics can tell a string of events, or a tragedy, or anything you want them to.

Let’s Study an Example From the Legendary David Bowie

composing a melodyTake for instance David Bowie’s song Space Oddity. This is a song about being in space, and yet it feels like so much more because Bowie added a sense of humanity to it. How? By simply adding a person, instead of talking about space itself. That one person, alone in space, can be a piece of symbolic imagery for a dozen different things.

Some people may connect to the song because they themselves feel detached from the world and alone. Others may connect simply because they enjoy science fiction and space. Such a difference in what the two listeners take away from the song, and yet neither is wrong.

This is What You Can Offer to Your Listener.

If you are willing to out a piece of yourself in each of your song’s lyrics, then you will be able to reach out to many more people. Being personal is the only “true” way to write anything. Using your experience in an abstract way, as Bowie may have done with Space Oddity, can help you to keep up a façade while still appearing vulnerable, in a sense. Vulnerability is one of the biggest things that your fans will be able to connect to, as well.

In the end, writing song lyrics isn’t a how to or a do this kind of thing; it just happens. Learning how to write lyrics isn’t hard, and it isn’t easy, either. Try sitting down with a pen and some of your own music, clearing your mind, and just see what comes out. You may be surprised by what you wind up with. Good luck!

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