Privacy Statement

I am actually surprised you clicked and landed on our privacy policy page. Most people don’t even bother to read this page. Well, since you are here, let us share with you our disclosure on protecting your privacy.

Unlike most other websites with ultra long and difficult to read policies (well, most of them are bad anyway with copy and paste template policies), we try to be upfront and word it without excessive garbage and ambiguous legal language.


We will never sell, rent or disclose your personal information (name/email) to anyone without your permission. Unless required by law and a search order, your information is absolutely safe with us.

So, What Are they Kind of Information That We Collect From You?

When you sign up for our newsletter service, you would give us any personal information in order to register for our free newsletter. Likewise, if you choose to contact us via email, we may keep the content of the emails for housekeeping and future references to improve our website.

We Track Website Usage And Stats With Cookies – Ok, What Are They?

Basically, a cookie is an anonymous identifier that is placed on your computer whenever you visit a website. Don’t worry, a cookie cannot retrieve any information from your PC or transmit harmful viruses.

We use cookies to differentiate unique users and provide a better experience at our website. By using cookies, we are able to track and gather feedback using Google Analytics. This tells which of our lessons are most visited, how users surf and navigate our websites and offer useful feedback to help us enhance our website.

Of course, if you aren’t comfortable with this or don’t want to be part of our statistics, you can always choose to change your browser settings such that it will not accept cookies.

Privacy Statement Modifications

At any point in time, we may modify or make changes to our privacy policies and we are not liable to notify you of any latest changes. It is up to you to check back on this page for the latest version of the privacy statement.

If you have any concerns or burning questions about our policies, do drop us an email…

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