alex sampson performanceBass players learn their instrument. What most bass players don’t learn are secrets. It seems that learning bass guitar is fairly straightforward; you take your time to learn your concepts, practice, and you become a better player.

Every DVD insists that there is some secret formula, though.

In our review of Bass Guitar Secrets, we’ll discuss whether or not Alex Sampson has truly found some secret to bass playing that no one has ever seen before.

According to Sampson, Bass Guitar Secrets offers a “simple three step method that will take your playing to the next level.” Already it seems a bit too good to be true; if it is so simple, why should we pay for it?

But before we get to the grit of whether or not Sampson keeps his word, let’s take some time to see what is inside of this set.

Indepth Look at the Course for Bassists

4 DVDs and books

You get a manual outlining the lessons, custom software, membership to Sampson’s coaching program (three lessons), audio CD’s covering the manual examples, and a “Guide to Chord Mastery” manual.

The manual is put together fairly well and the lessons are outlined fairly nicely with the CD’s. The lessons cover a range of topics, including forty-nine assorted bass guitar licks provided in a PDF. The only problem is that the Bass Guitar Secrets seems to be extremely similar to most of Sampson’s other products. This means that if you are looking for more exciting material from Sampson, you are out of luck.

The extra software provided is mostly jamming material, which allows you to play along to tracks and loops. Though the software is simple and nothing special, is nice to play with as it keeps learning fun.

The set comes with a full year long money back guarantee. Although this might seem nice, it doesn’t add to the value. The set should speak on its own without an offer of giving you your money back if you don’t like it after a year. Of course, for a consumer, you have totally no risk to try out this course.

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Conclusion of Alex Sampson’s Course

Overall, the set covers basic concepts necessary to play basic bass guitar. There are no secrets, and while titles are meant to be attention grabbers, they should have some truth. The fact that most of the material is recycled from his other sets and claimed as a secret is bad taste in my opinion. The set is good for basic learning and jamming principles, but after that, you may find it hard to get any use out of the set any longer.

All in all, our Bass Guitar Secrets review comes down to a single sentiment; if you already know your basics, or if you already own one of Sampson’s other sets, don’t waste your time. If you don’t own any of his other sets, or if you are just starting out, the set can offer you some great tools to get started in bass guitar playing, as the lessons are well constructed and easy to follow. The set costs the same as many other sets of the same kind, so you don’t have to worry about breaking the bank.

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Update: Alex Sampson has recently launched a CD-ROM version of this course and you can grab it at only $49.95. It is the same exact course and the lower cost is derived from savings made without the physical booklets of the course.

* Take advantage of the special discount now, otherwise you might be left kicking yourself when Alex raises the price of his course.

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