staying motivatedOur fate is just a sum of our actions. And our actions are just individual manifestations of our habits. Opinions may differ, but I strongly believe in one’s power to control their own life.

For that reason, I believe that we should really pay attention to what habits we develop. Engaging in arts is always something that enriches your character and helps you to grow – and since music is probably the most accessible sector of arts you should definitely consider taking music lessons.

You Will Need to Dedicate Time And Energy to Your New Hobby

Too many people waste their time trying to get rid of any kind of stress in their lives. Destructive habits like smoking, inactivity (the habit of doing nothing) or procrastination are examples for such trials to escape stress.

These people do not realize that by trying to avoid stress they are actually piling up more and more stress, leading to sickness, depression and other serious problems. You have to embrace the fact that life is about doing things, about standing up and working toward your goals. It is the hardness of life what actually makes it beautiful.

Self-realization can happen in many ways. Sports and arts are probably the most common activities which people choose to devote their free time to. Whatever you might choose, you will have to be ready to dedicate a considerable amount of time and energy to your new hobby – if you want to see results, you have to put in effort.

Music is the Liveliest of Arts

transmit your thoughtsArtists have different goals with their works. Some of them only want to transmit a simple idea or feeling (painters), others want to connect with new people (actors, comedians), yet still others want to create whole atmospheres (writers).

Musicians have the opportunity to experience all these at once. A musician has the ability to transmit series of simple images and build an imaginary, abstract world at the same time. Also, musicians are the ones who have the most immediate contact with their audience.

Choosing an Instrument

Once you have decided to start taking music lessons, you should probably pick an instrument. The most comfortable option would be to choose singing, of course. No starting costs, you can practice anywhere. Also, you are not limited to or excluded from any musical genres.

If singing is not for you, you should think of the kind of music you like to listen to. Is it classical? Your range of choices is almost endless: it goes from the piano through timpani to violins. Is it jazz?

You might want to choose the saxophone, the standing bass, the drums or maybe the keyboards. Do you like pop or rock music? Your possible choices include the guitar, the bass guitar and the drum set between many others.

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