(This course is highly recommended for more advanced and intermediate bass players)

fretboard formula reviewEvery product claims that it can help you to master something. The Fret Board Formula promises to give you the perfect formula to master your fret board. But is there really a formula that will allow you to master the fret board?

In this review of Fretboard Formula, we’ll find out.

First off, the basics; what do you get for your money?

The set comes with seven DVD’s, seven CD’s, a workbook, and a “cheat sheet”.

The DVD’s are broken up into logical order, starting with notes and intervals and working up into hand positioning. The last disc is a blog files bonus disc, and unless you want the blog files, this disc is not essental. That doesn’t mean that it doesn’t add to the value of the set. Only that it doesn’t really count as an instructional DVD.

The CD’s cover basically the same things as the DVD’s, so you are getting an audio and visual set for twice the price. The seventh CD is another bonus disc which includes the PDF forms of the lesson books. This is nice as it serves as a backup for your books and could be viewed on your computer anytime.

Our Review of Alex Sampson’s Fret Board Formula Course Material

thumbs upThe workbook is where this product really shines. Not only does it outline the lessons in full, but it also gives reference to the “modal mastery” section of the program as well as the arpeggio visualization section which is outlines in the CD.

The “cheat sheet” contains all of the DVD menus printed out (in my opinion, this is completely unnecessary. A simple insert would have done the job just fine), Alex’s personal “Mind Maps”, and the “Fret Board Mastery Fluency Charts”.

All of these things could have been covered in other areas. The DVD menus could have been included with the DVD’s themselves, the “Mind Map” and “Fret Board Fluency Charts” could have been included in the workbook at the end. If Alex had arranged the material in such a manner, it would be much more convenient to the user.

All of that being said, if you are a beginner you may want to steer clear of the Fret Board Formula. If you have a moderate amount of musical knowledge, the Fret Board Formula is actually a great tool for you to take your skills to a higher level.

All negatives aside, it goes into depth teaching the most important aspects of the fret board, such as note placement and modal concepts, as well as arpeggios and intervals. The disc is also dedicated to hand positioning and we feel that this might be particularly useful for bass players to get a visual explanation of some fundamental concepts.

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In the end, our Fret Board Formula review has been a bit mixed, so we’ll break it down for you. If you are a complete beginner to bass guitar playing, we highly recommend that you check out award winning Teach Me Bass Guitar course instead.

However, for bass players who had some experience and want to take your musicianship to a higher level, Fretboard Formula is a course that is designed to help you do so.

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Screenshots of the Course Material & Learning Process

fretboard formula sample

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