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TMBG dvd courseYou’ll really learn bass. Well, we would hope that buying an instructional bass DVD course would teach us bass. Bad sales pitch aside, we will discuss whether or not this DVD course will in fact teach you bass guitar.

This is the review that gives you an insight on the course.

First off, before we even get into the specifics of the coarse, let’s talk about what the course provides. Included in the package are ten DVD’s, a one hundred and sixty-two page PDF book, a “loop library”, and a hundreds plus jam tracks, as well as access to an online community.

One of the great things about this set is that the videos are extremely well made. Instructor Roy Vogt is well spoken, and he teaches in an easy to understand matter. He breaks down each and every technique into its basic components.

The most impressive part is that there are on screen diagrams and fret boards that allow you to see what is happening in real time. This is especially useful for newer players as it is thoughtful, and adds to the overall teaching of the lessons with visual graphics.

The jam along tracks and the loop programs both work very well. The jam along tracks are fun and easy to play along to, which helps you to learn the crucial skill of improvisation. The loops allow you, exactly what the name employs, loopparts of tracks so that you can analyze them note by note.

Unlike many online communities, the Teach Me Bass Guitar community is great. You can get full lesson support, and talk to other members; thumbs way up for this aspect, as many programs take the shortcut “make cheap” forum. TMBG’s forum is buzzing with helpful bassists around the world as well as Roy Vogt himself.

a great deal

Here’s What We Thought Could Be Improved About The Course…

While the course materials all sound great (the loop library actually works fairly well), the part that makes us cringe is the PDF book. Paper hasn’t gone out of style. Too many companies are taking the cheap way out and making PDF booklets.

This makes it more difficult to follow along with the lesson using the booklet, because instead of having the material before you, you have to switch between the television and the computer over and over again. I highly recommend that you print out a physical copy of the booklet for easy reference. (heck, this was what I did anways and it isn’t too difficult to do so)

After all the (mostly) positives, there is another a negative part to our Teach Me Bass Guitar review; the price. It is a bit more expensive than most DVD bass instructional sets. But if you are willing to shell out the extra cash for the quality of the videos, then you won’t regret it.

This course is the next best thing to expensive private bass teachers.

All in all, Teach Me Bass Guitar is a course that has won several prestigious education awards (AEGIS Video & File award and Telly Award) and the reason behind it is simple: It is a great instructional “diy” course that delivers.

Roy Vogt hands you all the tools and information you need to handle most scenarios that you will be in as a bassist. As long as you put in the effort to practice what is taught in the course, you will definitely become the bass player that you had always dreamt of.

We highly recommend this course to everybody who takes bass learning seriously. To make things even better, The Learning Dock (publisher for TMBG) is currently holding a MASSIVE Sale.


a great deal

Still Unsure? Check Out The Screenshots From the Course Below…

review of teach me bass guitar

teach me bass guitar sample

Keypointers are always highlighted to reinforce learning with real time fretboard overlayed in lessons.

bass guitar dvds roy vogt
tmbg coupon code

 Clear and precise demonstrations of bass teacher from various camera angles.

Sample Lesson From Roy Vogt’s Course – Time Signatures



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a great deal

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