creative bass guitar reviewCreativity cannot be taught. No matter how many DVD’s tell you that it can, it can’t. There are no formulas, no rules, and no steps to follow. There is a reason that most people can’t write a proper book, or paint a proper picture; they simply don’t have the skills. Mastery of those skills is something that cannot be taught. You cannot teach a bad writer to become a good writer, and you cannot teach a bad artist to become a good artist. It is a born talent. It can only be nurtured.

It is important that you understand this before we get into our Creative Bass Guitar review, as the name is entirely misleading. Creativity in bass playing is, believe it or not, what separates a great bassist from a good bassist. Great bassists don’t sit down and follow guidelines; they create.

What is the Online Course About?

Creative Bass Guitar is an eCourse that allows you to learn how to play bass. The topics covered include bass rhythms, playing styles, techniques, and various fundamental skills. While Urbaszek is a great bassist and a lifelong teacher, he tends to be misleading. What he teaches you are his own techniques and skills that he has created and crafted throughout his years of playing.

This isn’t bad, but it seems that he doesn’t understand that teaching you his own techniques does nothing to improve your creativity. It doesn’t help you to understand why he uses those techniques, and while he is a great bassist, his playing tends to be very cut and dry.

The Course is Decent for Standard Beginner Stuff But…

review of creative bass guitarThat being said, he promotes his eCourse as being able to teach creativity, when his playing itself is average and cookie cutter. This may explain why he also believes that creativity can be taught, as he tends to take a methodical approach to each and every lesson.

While this isn’t a bad thing, it is the polar opposite of creativity. This course would be great if it had a different name, but the name chosen leaves it open to scrutiny of his playing style, which is as planned and straightforward as a physics lesson.

Learning Resources And Materials

The lessons are recorded on a web camera, so sometimes you may have trouble deciphering what is going on as the camera un-synchs. The videos are seven to twelve minutes long, which is extremely short for a lesson. There are a good number of videos (over a hundred), but even so you aren’t getting nearly as much through his course as you would through other courses.

The intermediate course is a bit more challenging if you find the beginner course too easy, but the problem is, he offers no sample lessons, and a lot of the courses overlap. This makes it difficult to discern which program you will need to use.

All in all, our review comes down to a sole conclusion; unless you know exactly what it is you need to learn and are able to take full lessons through short snippets, it is best that you avoid this program.

If you are looking for a full blown course, we highly recommend you to check out Teach Me Bass Guitar instead…

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Read our Teach Me Bass Guitar review to find out more details if you are interested…

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