mistakes made in learning bassYou want to play bass, and you want to make it happen fast. You end up doing the wrong thing. You have perfected a single song, and you thought you can anything. You have failed even at the start of another song.

The events discussed above do happen, and for a budding bassist, all of these frustrating moments can be a block to learning.

To ensure that you get the correct knowledge in playing bass, you have to understand the mistakes that beginner bassists make. Below is a list that deals with it.

#1 – Not Searching for a Good Bass Teacher

Any guitarist are willing to teach you bass, but remember that only a true bassist can help you out. The guitar and the bass are two different instruments, so it would be better for you to stick to a teacher who knows bass from heart.

#2 – Not Listening Enough

You are making music, so the primary sense that should work for you is your hearing. By not knowing what to expect from a certain fret combination and a certain chord arrangement, you will not know if what you are producing is indeed good. Train your ears first to help you steer away from the mistakes that beginner bassists make.

#3 – Not Focusing on Accuracy

Many beginner bassists consider speed as the most important factor in playing bass. This, too, is a mistake. Accuracy is more important. During your practice sessions, take the time to perfect a certain technique. Making everything fast will only hasten the bad habits that you have acquired. However, if you will perfect every little part of the technique, you can master it eventually.

#4 – Not Learning, Just Memorizing

Knowing how to play a song is indeed a remarkable achievement. However, if you think you have learned enough, think again. Most bassists are just relying on the skills they have acquired from the bass line of a song or two. However, for you to learn bass playing, you should understand the music theory behind it.

#5 – Not Following a Balanced Perspective on their Skill

how to play bass correctly

There are two extremes in this mistake – those who underestimate and those who overestimate. If you always think that your skills are not good enough, you will always delay the time to play bass with a band. This will never help you improve since you will never reach the degree you are thinking.

On the other hand, if you believe you are an awesome bassist already, you will fail to correct your errors. Since you do not recognize your mistakes, you will always be doing it. In both cases, the results will diminish your bass skills. To solve, you should practice a balance look into your achievement.

#6 – Not Having Fun

This is probably the worst mistake to make. Although there are many boring points while you study bass, you should always learn to have fun. By not being interested in the subject, you will never learn the lesson.

Now that you know already the mistakes that beginner bassists make, it is time to steer away from them to reach bass mastery as soon as possible.

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