being a bassist in a bandSince the bass guitar is usually not the typical instrument that you bring to family reunions and campfire parties, when you are starting out playing the bass, a question that arises is how you are going to show your talent to the world?

The 21st century is giving you a whole range of even unexpected possibilities; however, you might as well follow the traditional route.

First Step: Prepare

Before you get your name out to the music scene it is obligatory to be at least somewhat prepared for the task. Unless you live in a metropolis like Tokyo or New York City, you can easily get your name dirty in the local music community.

Rebuilding your bad reputation is always harder than building it. It might be tempting to tell the whole world how cool you are playing a simple rock beat, but resisting the temptation will pay off later. Be patient, use the power of surprise.

Embrace Social Media or Be Left in the Dust

It does not matter if you are already playing in a band or not, once you are confident that your skills passed the most basic levels you should afford in a simple camera and start uploading your bass playing videos to social media sites, like YouTube and Facebook.

Searching for one of your favorite songs’ drum cover will result in a list of dozens of videos with probably hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of views. Actually, there are bassists who found not only other musicians to play with, but also sponsorship through their social media channels.

Be consistent with your uploads and engage with your audience. Social media sites are one of the most comfortable and most flawless platforms for a novice bassist.

Search for Musicians Needing Bassists

getting gigs to perform inThere are always musicians who are seeking drummers to play with. Head out to your local music store or look up a regional Internet forum, you will probably find some posts looking for fellow drummers. The kind of music they are playing might not always match your style exactly, but you shall not be too choosy in the beginning.

Also, becoming familiar with different musical genres or styles will only broaden your perspective. You should never be afraid of pushing the boundaries of your comfort zone, so if you feel ready for the task, go for it – whatever it might be.

Become Proactive: Look for Band Mates

There are times when you already have a concept and you want to make it happen. That is the time to start looking for band mates. There will probably be quite a lot of applicants, so you will definitely have to learn how to say “no”.

Remember, you started organizing your own band because you had a concept you wanted to realize. That means that you should only accept applicants that meet your criteria or bring something really interesting to the band.

Money is Not Everything

Even if it sounds contradictive, one of the best ways of getting gigs is to do a few gigs for free. In the beginning, you might not even get the price of those few beers that you might want to drink after the gig or the price of the advertisements you printed. You will have to swallow to fact – if you work persistently cash will also start to flow.

You just have to realize that if you were on the other side you would not pay a band on its first gig either. Your primary aim should be getting as much people to know you as possible and building a solid fan base. That will keep you going.

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