Simple Songs That Can Help You Learn Cool Bass Guitar Riffs

white tagsEveryone starts somewhere, and wherever that somewhere is, our goal is usually the same; to play some awesome songs. No one likes knowing that there is a limited selection of what the can do, but everyone is limited to some extent.

But instead of talking about limitations, we’ll just give you some awesome and simple bass guitar riffs to learn.

The End of Heartache

First on your list is a song called The End of Heartache by the metalcore band Killswitch Engage. This bass riff is simple, to the point, and a lot of fun to play.

When playing, be sure to listen to the song for timing; because these are simply songs, we took the simple route and gave you tabs so that you can get to the meat of each riff quickly and with ease. The best way to approach this song is by starting off slowly, and then working your way up to speed using a metronome.



Holy Diver by Dio

Next up on our list is a song from the legendary Dio. This is one of Dio’s most famous songs entitled Holy Diver. This simple bass guitar riff is easy to learn, and is very catchy and fun to play. More than anything, this riff is powerful, a characteristic trait that many of today’s riffs are void of. As with The End of Heartache, the best way to approach Holy Diver is to start off slowly. Build your way up to speed by playing along with a metronome after using the track for timing.



All Time Favorite – Enter Sandman

Our second from last simple bass guitar riff to learn is entitled Enter Sandman by the thrash metal band Metallica. This riff is not only simple, but it as an overlying and biting edge that gives it a full on and aggressive style. As with both of our previous riffs, the best way to approach Enter Sandman is to start off slowly and use a metronome. Listen to the track to learn the timing of each piece, and when you are comfortable, play to your heart’s content.


The Beautiful People by Marilyn Manson

Our last riff for you is The Beautiful People by Marilyn Manson. This riff is catchy, simply, and fun to play. Chances are this will be a riff that you can jump right into, as it is straight forward and to the point.


Now that you know some simple riffs for bass guitar, the next step is for you to go practice. Keep an open mind; while we focused mainly on hard rock and heavy metal, remember that there are tons of genres out there to explore. Let your musical ear be the decision maker, and allow yourself to like what you like. Good luck, and above all, have fun!

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